Abdali gate

Location :  Amman, Jordan
Architect :  AS. Architecture-Studio
Client :  Al Seraje Real Estate Development PSC
Package :  Glazing facade
Scope :  Façade engineering
Date :  2007-2016
Collaborators :  Glassline Liban

Construction of office and residential buildings in Amman, Jordan

Two 60m tall towers form the focal point in a new urban development in Amman.
The first is mixed use residential and office ; the second is solely office use. T/E/S/S is appointed for the technical design of the facades.The design intent for the façade on one of the towers was to give it the appearance of “pixels”.

T/E/S/S carried out detailed research and studies on glazing finishes to obtain the desired effect. The second tower is over-clad in thin layers of marble.