Proceedings of the International FIB Symposium on Conceptual Design of Structures,  September 26-28, 2019, Madrid, Spain

Forming process of façade panels by curved folding with combined geometric and mechanical optimisation

Alban Berrubé, Nicolas Leduc, Jorge Hidalgo, Simon Aubry
Proceedings of the International FIB Symposium on Conceptual Design of Structures, Madrid, Spain
September 26-28, 2019,
p. 271-276
The generation of 3D surfaces based on curved foldings is a time and cost-efficient process, avoiding the use of moulds. In this paper, we demonstrate that by using the mechanical behaviour of materials and folding kinematics we can expand the possibilities of this fabrication technique. Paramétric...
Proceedings of the 40th IABSE Symposium, September 19‐21, 2018, Nantes, France.

An innovative fabrication process from rolled helicoidal steel strips

Nicolas Leduc, Jean-François Caron, Cyril Douthe, Bernard Vaudeville, Simon Aubry, Karine Leempoels, Jean-Pierre Tahay, Laurent Hauswirth
Proceedings of the 40th IABSE Symposium, Nantes, France
September 19‐21, 2018
“Metal Euplectella Folie” is a prototype which explores an innovative design and manufacturing method for free‐form architecture. Four 40m long by 0.4m wide by 1.5mm thick steel sheets, each cut to a unique pattern and then spiral‐wrapped, form a sculptural tube assembled without the need for any...
12th Conference on Advanced Building Skins, Bern

Prototypical opaque cladding systems : A multilayered approach

Matt King, Jorge Hidalgo, Nicolas Leduc
12th conference on Advanced Building Skins, Bern, Switzerland,
Proceedings of the 12th Conference on Advanced Building Skins, Bern, Switzerland.
October 2&3, 2017,
This article concerns the development of prototypical, opaque cladding systems, and, in particular, how the design concept can impact energy performance. As always, the success of a project depends on its details, but this is particularly critical in the case of complex geometries. Each component...
Couverture Detail 06-2017

Glass construction

DETAIL German/English edition,
“Transparency is overrated,” Jacques Herzog asserted roughly a year ago at the opening of the Vitra Schaudepot in Weil am Rhein. Is that really the case? In the present issue, we explore this topic and take stock of the present situation. Admittedly, the emblematic character of transparent...

Les 101 mots de l'Ingénierie du bâtiment à l’usage de tous

Collectif. Dirigé par Claude Labbé et Vincent Moraël
ISBN : 978-2357334052
2 mai 2016,
150 pages
"Les 101 mots de l'ingénierie" du monde du bâtiment témoignent de la richesse de ce métier, à travers les mots des femmes et des hommes qui l'exercent. Souvent peu connu, cet ouvrage vous le fera découvrir sous un angle différent. A destination de tous les publics y compris les...
Structural Engineering International / May 2016

Construction of a large composite Gridshell structure

Lionel du Peloux, Frédéric Tayeb, Olivier Baverel, Jean-François Caron
Structural Engineering International,
Volume 26 | Number 2
May 2016,
p. 160-167
The Ephemeral Cathedral of Créteil at Paris, France, is a gridshell structure made of composite materials. Built in 2013, this 350 m² religious edifice is a temporary church meant to gather the parshioners during the two year renvation of their permanent cathédral. This large-scale prototype...

Les Inventeurs

Bernard Vaudeville, Philippe Bompas, Matt King, Africa Garcia
« Fondation Louis Vuitton par Franck Gehry. Une architecture pour le XXIème siècle. » Flammarion,
EAN : 9782081336421
p. 145 -151
L'art de l'ingénieur: Constructeur, entrepreneur, inventeur.

L'art de l'ingénieur, articles "Modélisation" et "Structures"

Bernard Vaudeville
L'art de l'ingénieur
L'art de l'ingénieur, articles "Modélisation" et "Structures"
Le Moniteur n°5681

Réinventer formes et structures

Entretien croisé de Pierre Engel, Bernard Vaudeville et Marc Mimram par Jacques-Franck Degioanni
11 octobre 2012,

Interview de Dominique Perrault

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