Belvédère de Fourvière

Location :  Fourvière, Lyon
Architect :  Jean-Marie DUTHILLEUL
Client :  Fondation Fourvière
Package :  Structure, Façades et Couverture
Scope :  Conception et suivi de réalisation de la charpente, couverture et façades
Date :  2018-2020

Construction de pavillons vitrés pour la Fondation Fourvière

An overlook over Lyon and the Alps: Suspended high on the slopes of Fourvière, the belvedere is delicately nestled in a site rich with history

In order to fully appreciate its exceptional location, the belvedere features a large, open glass facade, allowing for a panoramic view of the city. These glazed facades open accordion-style, resulting in a free and direct connection between interior and exterior spaces. This was done to retain thermal comfort of the interior space, while achieving full transparency and exposure to the sunlight

The architectural project also includes a zinc covering with large eaves on the facades, allowing for a perfectly horizontal framing of the landscape by the roof edges. The thin zinc roof has finely tapered edges, with gutters integrated inside.

Particular attention was paid to the relation between the thin roof and the proportions of the accordion glass walls, creating a slender silhouette perched atop Lyon.