Huang Puddong footbridges

Location :  Park of the Cement Factory, Shanghai
Architect :  Agence Ter (lead designer)
Client :  Shanghai East Bund Investment Group
Package :  Long-range metal footbridges
Scope :  Technical and architectural assistance for the design of the park's footbridges
Date :  2016-2018
Collaborators :  Agence Ter (lead designer), Concepto (Light designer), T/E/S/S (footbridges designer)

Development of Huangpu Puddong riverbanks

As part of the Huangpu East Bank development project in Shanghai, T / E / S / S, in partnership with TER landscape architects, has designed four pedestrian and cycle crossing structures. Same family of crossings has been declined in four different situations. The purpose of these works is to offer both a surface and an inhabited underside. The typology of these bridges consists of a deck with constant inertia based on a succession of porticoes arranged according to the constraints of the ground and producing a space of walk sheltered for the park. The curved or rectilinear geometry in plan of each bridge is exacerbated by the dynamic expression of the structural ribs of the deck underneath.

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