Jussieu Campus

Location :  East sector - Jussieu, Paris V
Architect :  AS. Architecture-Studio
Client :  EPAURIF
Package :  Façades
Scope :  Conception of the glazed pavilions
Date :  2013–2015

Renovation of the Jussieu Campus (East sector)

The rehabilitation of the Jussieu campus aims at ensuring the safety of buildings, the development and upgrading of classrooms. The project concerns include 4 pavilions in patios :
- The base with a new facade composed with different skins (miror steel panels, metal shields, terracotta).

- The library is a new building consisting of three fully glazed facades and covered with a large slope.

- The Tepee is the new hall that features a bar and an exhibition, cultural showcase of the institution. The geometric shape of the roof is generated by rotation of any line (generator) about a vertical axis and covered with a mesh.

- The new access to the Grand Amphitheatre is made with glass «pleated» Regular stepped sawtooth are introduced into the planar faces of the original parallelepiped which helps to make the structural glass and  dispense with metal studs. The envelope consists of lightweight facade glass elements and associating a stainless steel casing.