Montparnasse Tower

Location :  Paris XVème
Architect :  Nouvelle AOM (Franklin Azzi, Chartier - Dalix, Hardel - Le Bihan)
Client :  EITMM (Ensemble Immobilier Tour Maine-Montparnasse)
Package :  Roof and facades
Scope :  Conception and technical development of the façades from the competition phase
Date :  2016-2024
Collaborators :  Setec, Elioth, 8'18", Bellastock, Grahal, GVI, Lamoureux Acoustics, Maximum, Jérôme Sans, Base Design

Launched in June 2016, the competition was very ambitious: to give back to the Montparnasse Tower an identity that is innovative, dynamique and modern, whilst being a showcase high rise building for user comfort and environmental responsibility. Proposing a project that balanced all these ambitions, Nouvelle-AOM team of architects managed to reimagine the tower for 21st century, ground-breaking in it innovation and its presence in relationship to the immediate surroundings as well as it’s relationship to the capital city of Paris.
“The challenge was enormous because the tower is not a tower like any other” explained the co-owners of the tower and members of the jury. Nouvelle AOM proposed an innovative tower that allows the flexibility of use required in the modern age. A tower which will be able to breathe a new life in the Montparnasse district.

“The city of Paris is delighted for this choice which marks the beginning of a major transformation for the Montparnasse tower and Paris. The project reflects the architectural vision we carry: user oriented, respectful of its surroundings and exemplary in energy consumption. Its elegance will reunite Parisians with the Montparnasse Tower. Ready in time for the Olympics games, this tower will be an icon for 21st century Paris and is already making us proud“ highlights Jean-Louis Missika, responsible in Paris for urbanism, attractiveness, architecture and economic development.

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