Regeneration of "calberson warehouses", Boulevard Macdonald, Paris

Location :  Boulevard Mac Donald, Paris XIXème
Architect :  FAA + XDGA
Client :  SAS Paris Nord Est / SEMAVIP
Scope :  Facade engineering for the retail and infrastructure packages
Date :  2012–2015

T/E/S/S is appointed for the engineering of the building envelopes, including glazed shop fronts, on the longest façade in Paris (more than 600m).

Given this extraordinary length, the façade follows a folded geometry to disrupt the planarity of the building and provide a rhythm in its appearance. The glazing is held on the horizontal sides to lighten the vertical edges of the glass at the folds and provide maximum transparency. Given the specific geometry and the selected fixing techniques, a 3D calculation model was required to analyze all movements of the envelope and allow careful and precise detailing of the joints.

The large number of consultants in the design team and within the client body and the varied architectural programs (residential, retail, offi ces and public spaces) required a step by step design and coordination methodology to ensure coherence in the fi nal product, despite divergent objectives of the different stakeholders.