Toulouse 2030

Location :  Place du Capitole, Toulouse
Architect :  Martinez Barat Lafore Architectes
Client :  Toulouse 2030
Package :  Structure et enveloppe
Scope :  Conception d'une structure éphémère démontable
Date :  12-13-14 octobre 2018

Temporary pavilion for the cycle of conferences, debates, and round tables on the future of the Toulouse Metropolis

At the initiative of major public and private actors in the Toulouse region, a temporary pavilion was designed in front of the Capitole to welcome participants during the 3 days of the event «Toulouse 2030». This event allowed to present the urban development of the Toulouse Metropolis and to debate on the conception of the city of tomorrow.

The project of the hall was conceived in a limited time with the objective that the work be a signal for the event while conforming to the constraints of the Place du Capitole. The very short availability of the square required a design adapted to fast assembly and disassembly times, the use of available prefabricated elements and a design of the anchorages without impacting on the pavement of the square. The very limited load-bearing capacity of the existing slab constrained the location of the structure’s portal supports and the diffusion of loads through distribution plates.

The roof forms an inclined plane reflecting the sky and the façade of the Capitol through the use of a transparent waterproof membrane and stretched mirror panels. Installed over the 90m length of the square, the hall hosts open spaces for exhibitions, conferences, and meetings.

The structure is composed of porticos spaced about 6.5m apart, with inclined posts. The central span of the portico carries about 8m and extends into brackets of about 2.5m on either side of the portico. The dimensions are constrained by the availability and capacity of the standardized aluminum lattice elements for rent. The recesses and supports are also made of standardized elements.

This design has allowed the creation of a unique structure from structural elements and scenographical envelope reusable for other events or rented, without impact on the square of the historic center of Toulouse, in the heart of the protected area.