Euronews headquarters

Location :  Quartier de Lyon-Confluence, Lyon
Architect :  Jakob+MacFarlane
Client :  Rhône Saône développement / SCI Pavillon Vert
Package :  Envelope of the building : main facade, perforated cladding and conical facades
Scope :  Technical design and implementation monitoring of the building’s envelope (façades, perforated cladding and cones). T/E/S/S also performed shop drawing and planning for the cone facades for the facade contractor
Date :  2007–2014
Collaborators :  ALLOUIS FaceInTec (facades), Fabrice HYBER (artist)

Construction of new global headquarters for the international news channel in Lyon Confluence

Sister building to the Orange Cube on the banks of the Saone in the district of Lyon Confluence, this green rectangular building is punctured by two large voids – the cones – opening onto the main façade and the roof. The façade is covered in folded, perforated aluminium panels, giving the building its distinctive appearance.

T/E/S/S is responsible for the design of the main façade, perforated fascia panels, and cone aluminium cladding.
In addition, T/E/S/S is commissioned by the façade contractor ALLOUIS to complete the geometrical execution studies and the production of construction details and drawings of the cone cladding panels. Through exhaustive three dimensional modeling of the system using Digital Project, thousands of components were rapidly defi ned and output in a format compatible with ALLOUIS’ fabrication software.
Exploiting the strong ties between T/E/S/S and the CSTB, an experimental certifi cation (ATEx) was successfully granted for the project in record time.
The challenges of this project lie in the interfaces between cladding typologies and functions (especially waterproofing) and the high expectations on the visual appearance of each bespoke cone panel and joints.