School of fine Arts, Nantes

Location :  Nantes
Architect :  Franklin AZZI Architecture
Client :  SAMOA / EPCC ESBANM / Nantes Métropole
Package :  Roof and cladding (polycarbonate panels), timber frame façade and glazing
Scope :  Technical conception and execution of façades, cladding and roofing
Date :  2013–2017

An old industrial site close to Nantes downtown are reconfigured for the new School of Fine Arts. The structure of the existing hall is reused to support a new roof and a new transparent polycarbonate cladding. The hall serves rain barrier which take place in the areas of the school organized in two buildings distributed by a central internal street. The facades are isolated and dressed by the colored membrane.

Due to new seismic risk rules, T/E/S/S conducted some research on polycarbonate cladding. It was also necessary to provide technical details to meet these regulatory requirements while developing the architectural image desired.