Atelier de maroquinerie Beaulieu

Location :  Beaulieu-sur-Layon, Pays de la Loire
Architect :  DE-SO Architectes
Client :  Société des Ateliers LV
Package :  Structure bois-acier, Façades & Couverture
Scope :  Conception et suivi de réalisation de la charpente, couverture et façades
Date :  2018-2019

Construction of a leather-goods workshop with a composite timber–steel structure

The building combines an industrial, repetitive, ordered logic, with the use of raw materials and the comfort of natural lighting. The internal volume, freed of structural and technical impediments, offers maximum flexibility for internal organization. It also gives uninterrupted sightlines, with large windows over the surrounding landscape. Other than offering views over the Layon hills, the glazed facades ensure natural lighting for the workspaces, complemented by northlight roofing. Structural points are minimized; they are arranged around the facades. Only the central load-bearing grid impinges on the production floor.

The 2.5m facade grid forms a regular framework alternating 6m-high panels of glass with timber-stud panels clad in expanded metal on the external face.

The single, simple internal volume gives absolute flexibility over its 6100m2 of floorspace. Incorporated into the roof structure, the services are hidden from view to provide a work environment that is sleek and harmonious. Daylight from the roof enhances the interior spaces and the fully glazed north facade creates a direct relationship with the surrounding natural landscape.

Awarded BREEAM ‘very good’, this production facility renews the image of industrial architecture by revealing the potential of wood as a structural element, a finish, and for its thermal qualities. The roof structure consists of 32 composite trusses in glulam and steel, assembled on site from prefabricated elements. The roof is composed of CLT panels that act as diaphragms to transfer the loads onto the central and peripheral columns.

The project was awarded the Prix National de la Construction Bois 2019, in the category ‘Travailler et Accueillir’ (‘work and welcome’), mention ‘Industriel’; and the FACADES2build AWARD in September 2021, in the category ‘Lieux de Travail’ (‘workplaces’).