Tour BCP

Location :  Casa-Anfa, Casablanca
Architect :  G3A
Client :  Banque Centrale Populaire - BCP
Package :  Glass facades and GRC
Scope :  Conception
Date :  2015-2021

Construction of BCP headquarters in the financial district of Casablanca, Morocco

With a height of 120m, the Tower is built in the heart of "Casablanca Finance City" (CFC) in the southwest of the city, in the Casa-Anfa district, which has been undergoing rapid development recently.
The project consists of 2 simple volumes, parallelepipeds, formed by the podium of 5 floors on the ground and a 27-storey tower adjoined to it. The two main facades are oriented north and south. They are treated differently to adapt to the site conditions:

The north facade consists of a double skin made of large blocks (2.70m wide by 3.6m high). The inner skin consists of glazed frames on opaque and glazed mixed sill (fire-resistant), while the outer skin offers a single large glass panel. A hollow joint on each floor allows ventilation of the air gap, and the sill ensures the C+D between floors by masking the plenum with the opaque part while maintaining the view through the glazed sill.

The south facade, more exposed to sunlight, is protected behind moucharabieh screen made of GRC concrete. The pattern of these square panels, 1.80m on each side, varies according to the distribution of solids and voids and the more or less dense mesh of their frame. The inner facade, setback, consists of classic full-height glazed frames and 1.35m wide. The blind gables adopt the same type of pattern on the GRC cladding, except that the panels are completely solid.

This 24,000m² IGH building is designed according to international environmental standards required by LEED certification.