Atelier de l'Oratoire

Location :  Azé (Vendôme), Loir et Cher
Architect :  DE-SO Architectes
Client :  Société des Ateliers LV
Package :  Structure bois-acier, Façades & Couverture
Scope :  Conception et suivi de réalisation de la charpente, couverture et façades
Date :  2020-2021

Construction of a bioclimatic workshop with a composite timber–steel structure

The Atelier de l’Oratoire is a Louis Vuitton production facility, located in Azé (Loir et Cher) on agricultural plains and at the edge of a wood. It is designed in the continuity of the technical and architectural principles developed for the Atelier de Beaulieu, which represented a new vision for these facilities.

The workshop is housed in a simple glazed rectangular volume, with shallow-pitched roofs that overhang all four facades. This overhang lightens the perception of the volume, while also protecting the facades from sun and bad weather. All the technical installations, skylights and safety barriers are set back from the roof edge, so contributing to the feeling of lightness of the roofs. These latter combine a panel of CLT supporting rigid insulation, and a light-grey waterproofing membrane to ensure high thermal efficiency and maximizing solar reflection.

In the middle of the roof, a services room concealed beneath a mesh of expanded metal houses ventilation equipment. These plant protections fit into the overall geometry and symmetry of the buildings.

The facades are largely glazed by means of a full-height curtain wall, whose mullions serve as support for the roof beams.